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Discover the volcanic spirit of Luis Suarez.
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Sustainability, present and future of Sant Aniol

Caring for the environment is a reality at Sant Aniol. That is why we created 500 Drops r-Pet. A range of natural mineral water and sparkling mineral water bottles made of 100% recycled plastic and using green energy. We keep working on ways to become more sustainable company and committed to our planet. Circularity is in Sant Aniol’s DNA.

More than 60% are returnable bottles

From the consumption of glass bottles from Sant Aniol, more tan 60% corresponds to returnable format, made 20% from recycled glass, boosting the use of a sustainable product. Additionally, all containers from Sant Aniol are 100% recyclable. Reuse, return, recycle…

100% of the energy we use is certified green energy

Sant Aniol’s commitment to contribute to the care of the environment is clear. We are unstoppable. Since 2018, 100% of the energy we use at the factory is certified green energy. We’re also installing low consumption led lights to significantly reduce our consumption.

Forests for everybody, forever

We are demanding from the beginning until the end of the chain of production. The suppliers of Sant Aniol supply certified materials that comply with the international standards FSC and PEFC, which guarantee that both the paper used for the labels and the cardboard used for the boxes come from sustainably managed forests.


Perimeter of security, guarantee of purity

The spring of Sant Aniol is protected by a perimeter of security of 275 hectares. Environmental management, biodiversity and an exhaustive quality control, along with the perimeter of security, guarantee that Sant Aniol, the natural mineral water with volcanic origin, is completely pure and free of external agents.

Sant Aniol collaborates with…

And with the desire to work for a better environment, Sant Aniol helps the glass is always half full.

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